Unbanking Cannabis and Hemp

Your Guide To Managing FDIC Banking Restrictions In the American Canna-Hemp Industry of 2021:

Examining Risk  &  Providing Solutions For Canna and Hemp Farmers 

Cannabis is legal in most states,

but has frustratingly maintained a federally illegal status…

Which has been sustained by the contradictory regulatory patchwork of the Cannabis Industry

This causes not only legislative chaos and confusion,

But a daily uphill battle for most hemp and Cannabis businesses.

Because of this legislative divide :

Almost all Federally Regulated Banks

refuse to work with businesses in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry…

Is Your Canna-Hemp Business Unbanked?

This means that Cannabis businesses are fighting to access

financial services.

Even though  some financial institutions decided

to bank on Cannabis and Hemp businesses-

unfortunately, most of them are facing significant challenges in maintaining these services…

Why the Industry’s Banking Providers Reverse Their Decision:

Unfortunately, banking providers are quick to close Canna-Hemp business accounts

due to the legislative risk and ROI.


The customer is stranded without any financial support,

a risk no business owner would like to consider!

70% of the canna-Hemp business resort to cash-run operations,

Some business owners believe it’s cheaper or a safer alternative

to opening a bank account.

Storing Cash on Location

Why Risk Placing a Target on your Canna-Hemp Business?

Storing money on-site creates an unnecessary safety risk

for your employees, customers, and the community.

During the Unrest & Riots of 2020,

Cannabis Dispensaries across the nation

lost millions of dollars to the chaos ensued.

Funny, because, contrary to popular belief….

Only 10% of Financial and Product Loss in the Canna-Hemp Industry is from External Theft-

In search of security

Canna-Hemp Businesses buy:

  • safes and cash,
  • Counting Equipment a
  • Often invest in a complex security system,
  • Including Steel Doors,
  • Many Cameras,
  • And Weapon Detectors,

Offcourse, this can all get very expensive

and although these measures may prevent external losses…

Most businesses actually suffer more significant losses

from internal theft…

Let that sink in…You read that right…

90% of All Loss in the Canna-Hemp Industry

Comes From Employee Theft:

Handling large amounts of cash creates a temptation for employees.

This means that as cash-run dispensarie

You need to vet your employees

for integrity and trustworthiness

…not an easy task …

The vetting comes from background checks,

This can be expensive

plus if the vetting is successful. 

Your vetting process must be paired

with training on handling and managing large amounts of cash.

If you aren’t careful during this hiring process

a mistake could cost you

and your business precious time and money.

Something we see all too often, unfortunately.

Besides just the security problems, there are

  • payroll,
  • tax,
  • and operational risks

to Cannabis and Hemp Business owners

operating legally nationwide.

Hannibus Insights:

The Canna-Hemp Industry needs FDIC Insured Banking Providers:

Hannibus is here to help you build, grow, and scale every angle of your business operation –

Including your Cash Management needs.

Looking to Move Away From All-Cash Operations for your Cannabis Business?

Ask yourself these questions when looking for a legitimate cannabis bank:

Is your money FDIC Insured?Can you Transfer Money via an Automated Clearinghouse?Is money available through checks and wires?Are your customers able to process their payments securely & conveniently?

Dama Financial:

No more frozen bank accounts and Unexpected Account Interruptions:

As a Dama Financial partner & Affiliate,

Hannibus can help you get access to the

Transparent Financial Solutions your Canna-Hemp business deserves!

We provide reliable banking and payment solutions for businesses in the Canna-Hemp industry.

You must invest in a reliable banking provider

to reduce your financial, safety, and operational risks.

With FDIC-Insured financial accounts,

you can trust that your money is in the right hands.

Get access to the tools that enable you to manage your business finances efficiently!

Sign Up Today- Click Here and get started today!

Secure Canna-Hemp Money with Premier Banking:
FDIC-Insured Business Banking lets-

  • Growers,
  • Distributors,
  • And Retailers

Make compliant financial transactions in their business name.


  • Get cash picked up and deposited,
  • pay vendors and employees,
  • send and track invoice payments,
  • and earn a return in a separate interest-earning account!

Don’t stuff your money under your mattress!

Choose an FDIC-Insured Financial Provider you can trust

and sign up today for your free Dama Financial consultation!

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Unlock FDIC-insured banking and payment processing solutions.

Tailored to help you and your Hemp or Cannabis businesses

amid Safe Banking Act legislation reform.

Turn-Key Services:

Tailored for Your Hemp or Cannabis Business-

Reduce vulnerabilities to theft with armored cash pick-up and deposit services.Manage business finances from one secure, online platform.Deposit unlimited amounts of money via cash, ACH, wire or check!Save time and pay employees and bills online or by check.Send invoices to business partners to get paid quickly!Optimize profitability and earn a return in a separate interest-earning account.Low and predictable fees.

By working with Dama Financial and Hannibus,

You make the business decision that provides peace of mind,

…not something you can put a price tag on…

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Dama Financial is an agent of its partnering

financial institutions and licensed money transmitters.

Your funds will be deposited into a custodial account

maintained to benefit account holders at one or more FDICinsured institutions.

Fees, terms, and conditions apply to depositing funds into and using your Account.

Account Terms and Conditions and Fee Schedule are available upon registration to access the online application.

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