Covid & Cannabis & Hemp Trade Shows

How COVID has affected Cannabis and Hemp Trade Shows

The Cannabis and Hemp trade shows industry has grown year over year, and 2020 was lining up to be the biggest ever. Networking opportunities, cutting edge products, and continued maturation of the industries in general.

Trade Shows supply the perfect environment and opportunity to meet cannabis and hemp leaders and trendsetters, from businesses and entrepreneurs to investors and regulatory agent–all together in one space.

But it all came crashing down.  

With the global spread of the novel coronavirus, social distancing became a norm for many cities, states, and nations. Countries and medical organizations advised people against participating in events with more than a handful, often banning gatherings outright. 

As the number of cases rose globally, trade shows were canceled.

Many cannabis and hemp businesses depend on these events to build their networks, boost brand awareness, establish partnerships, and generate leads. Based on data from Marketing Charts, trade shows are among the top three sources buyers seek when researching a vendor, services, and products. According to  AdStage, approximately 68% of marketers use tradeshows to generate sales and leads

The cancelation of events has left a substantial financial impact on event organizers and vendors alike. A recent report by Marijuana Business Daily gives us insight into the financial implications for businesses brought about by the postponement of the Natural Products Expo West.

A Silver Lining:

“If you’re not there, you’re nothing at all.” is the unspoken narrative generally accepted by businesses in the Cannabis and Hemp trading space.

But it’s not really true–especially now that in-person trade shows are temporarily suspended.

The silver lining is: pressure makes diamonds.  Due to intense pressure and hardships caused by COVID, Cannabis and hemp Trade Shows were pushed to find or develop groundbreaking solutions, while businesses adopted innovative and exciting new ways to grow. 

These items will be covered in next week’s report, where we’ll explore the solutions businesses implemented to counteract the business-related effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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